Supplier Exhibitions

Manufacturing companies must have suppliers for their raw materials. Using suppliers rather than gathering materials on their own is a labour and cost saving method. Shopping for suppliers to get the best price and delivery schedules has always been important to these companies. The more they save on raw materials, the larger their profit margin becomes. Shopping for suppliers over the phone or computer, one at a time, can be time-consuming and costly. Many manufacturing companies would rather attend industry exhibitions to meet new suppliers.

When suppliers attend an industry exhibition, they know their work is cut out for them. They must prove to manufacturers that their product is superior to the competition's materials. Supply schedules and service must also be shown as more convenient than any other supplier can meet. Cutting raw materials costs has always been important in the manufacturing industry. Suppliers must fight hard to keep market share as well as earn enough to turn their own profit.

Putting together a booth for this type of industry show has many factors. Most important is attracting manufacturing buyers. Using promo girls with welcoming smiles is often the difference between getting a potential customer and having people just walk past a booth. The exhibition staff understands they must get buyers to notice them first. The sales representatives will take over and discuss prices and convenient scheduling after that.

Many companies have turned to experiential marketing techniques to assist with these types of sales. There is often little difference in the competitive market of suppliers. When a supply company's exhibit is linked to good feelings or emotions, they have a better chance to win a manufacturing contract. These contracts are often yearly, and getting a one year contract is the way to become a permanent supplier for any large manufacturing company.